Put it down for at least 3 days

Mother Neff State Park, Texas

Mother Neff State Park, Texas

I don't have a life I need to escape from. Because of that, I rarely take a "vacation".

What I have figured out though is that I do need to to put everything down once a quarter for at least 3 days and just do something else.

I really haven't done that in a while, so this weekend dad and I are going camping in the Airstream. No plans really, but I have all the gear and we don't even need a campground because I have a generator.

I guess that's the point of this post. I'm not sure if it will help you but it helps me and keeps me from making stupid decisions because I am burnt out.

I have made those stupid decisions before. I'm not going to say driving to Mexico in my camper was a stupid decision but I think it was partially as a result of burn out that I was experiencing.