Random Journal entry on the Fake Gal That Ghosted Me

Tulum Beach


I got ghosted again, surprise!

This time it was from this gal that was a holdover from a dating app. After I decided to stop using these apps, she and I were already in "communication". And since I never let an opportunity to get laid fall by the wayside, I entertained her one-word text responses only to entertain myself.

I'm not going to go into a long-winded explanation about what I think of her personally, because it's pretty apparent what kind of girl she is when you look at her instagram profile.

Endless pictures of exotic locations, provocative photos, little videos of her with champagne glasses, you know all that shit.

She's lapping up the luxury.

As I talk about in the 10 things gals need to remove from their dating apps immediately podcast, it's really nothing new. I mean she thinks it's new, but it's not new or original or unique in any way. She has no unique skills. Her beauty is not even a unique skill amongst an endless harem available on instagram.

So anyways, I was persistent even when she was inconsistent, because I know sometimes patience and persistence can pay off when you don't let someone else change your positive attitude because of their bad behavior.

But that didn't happen here. If I wasn't constantly feeding her valuable or entertaining responses, she wasn't responding. It was pretty smart and comical at the same time. She was basically training me how things were going to go if I was going to interact with her.

So then comes the "Who's this" text, which was either her trying to get me to state my name so she could screenshot me to share for her and her followers entertainment or that she has so many interactions going that she truly did not know who I was anymore.

Whatever the case, whatever the reason this gal needs a reteach.

I mean here you have a girl that has options, which she already knows. She chooses to disregard all of them, even the real ones, because she is so wrapped up in her own bullshit that she is too blind to even see it.

Everyone is disposable to her. That's about how the interaction ended. She made a condescending comment to me and then when I responded with one to her she tells me bye. She can dish it out but she can't take it.

I mean, it doesn't hurt my feelings for her to do that. I know who I am and what I'm worth. I think the crazy thing is that she is turning a significant power she has, the power of beauty and used it as a weapon against someone who has nothing invested and is not hurting her.

A slight tilt in her strategy could provide her with the outcome she is looking for. Right now, it is not. Right now, she wonders why she gets to sit on the bow of the boat out at Lake Austin with the captain's hat on, taken out to dinner fucked and left not slept and kept.

She  engages with the male population and thinks they all just want to fuck her and they are not being genuine. This is true but you need to analyze why they are doing this. If you view everyone as disposable, for whatever reason, and you engage with humans in a fake way, a real person is never going to come around, especially when you have no unique skills beyond your appearance.

If they do, they won't stay or tolerate you for any duration of time because you are fake. Being fake is a form of negativity. It is an unreal or positive spin you put on your personality to keep people seeing who you really are, because you fear those repercussions might not be accepted by the tribe.

The point of me writing this is really just to get it out and to document the conclusion I already saw when I first started interacting with this gal. I thought in my mind that maybe she was in fact an incredibly beautiful girl just looking to connect with someone real who didn't place so much value on looks and wanted to get to know the real her. I thought that was possible, but not probable. I turned out to be right.

She was in fact just another ultra hot girl thirsty for an unrealistic level of attention totally disconnected from reality and upset because she can't attract what she's looking for. My guess is she's looking for a People magazine level relationship. It's fine to have those aspirations, but people with healthy relationships and healthy lives and human interactions only become master's worth of praise because they have created a stable foundation to reach that point. I'm not saying that people that appear on people magazine are examples of relationship success, but I'm saying that you are not going to get that until you focus on improving your shitting attitude first.

You might have a lot of men chasing after you, but what do you stand to lose by telling somebody no, including me? You would double your value. Just be nice. There is nothing better than a hot girl who is real and a good person. They are usually wifed up pretty fast. So, if that's what you're looking to happen in your life, start acting that way, because that's how you'll attract what you're looking for.