Small steps and reflection

Drone shot of my camper somewhere outside of Monterrey, Mexico

Drone shot of my camper somewhere outside of Monterrey, Mexico

I was going to go out last night but decided to watch some of my videos and my podcast on the What Driving a Camper Through Mexico Taught Me About Life.

I'm glad I made that podcast because it brings those memories back in vivid details. Partially as a reminder not to do it again, but as a reminder of why I did it in the first place.

My friend even came by my house last night to pickup a jacket she left here and she always has pretty good insight. She said something like you're always doing this and this and that. You need to have your money maker, go out and drink your beer if you want to do, work on your house, whatever.

I'm not sure what she was trying to tell me but I think she was saying that I'll get done what I want to get done but I probably don't have to take as many extreme measures to get where I'm trying to go. I get what she's saying.

Well, I did take her advice about not going on a vacation and instead replaced the siding on my house and that felt great. I won't have to worry about it for another 25 years. Hell, it will probably outlive me. I also fixed the drainage problem around my house. Now for the first time since I owned it water is not pooling under my house. Talk about a relief.

I guess this post is about small steps and reflection can make a big difference or at least a meaningful difference that makes an impact, sometimes. I mean I also do alot of shit that probably doesn't make an impact, but it's all part of the process I guess.