Non-commitment vs. Non-attachment

Michael Manicotti in an undisclosed badass location

People inherently don't want to work, even when they find something that interests them. This is why so many people are addicted to substances. It provides an effortless dopamine hit that does not require any work to achieve.

You see this with social media and dating apps. People do not want to work for anything. They just want to swipe. The problem with this is that these systems have now changed society in a detrimental way.

People on dating apps for example only respond when it's convenient. People are just not interested in having real interactions because they are non-committal. That can be okay in certain circumstances, but not as it relates to mastery.

Being non-committal in mastery means you will not work on your art because it may or may not provide a guaranteed outcome.

Being non-attached means, you will work on your art regardless of the outcome. You, therefore, are not attached to an outcome.

Non-attachment is healthy. Non-commitment is not.

This is applicable in many other areas of life as it relates to pursuing a worthwhile endeavor until you achieve success.

Just keep that in mind and you go throughout your day.