The fluidity of Art

Me somewhere out in the Desert

Me somewhere out in the Desert

I make a lot of shit. 

Through this process there are going to be mistakes. There is going to be misinformation or improper communication of the facts by accident. For example in one of my podcasts, I say the average salary in Mexico is $5 per day. That is not correct. It is actually $349 pesos per day or $19 per day.

That is still fucking pathetic by first world standards, therefore it doesn't detract from the overall point. 

The $5 part came from the fact that 1 in 7 Mexican workers makes an average wage of $5.10 per day. 

Still fucking pathetic.

So my point is that my overall goal is and has always been to give you the 50,000 ft view in the content I cover. That's the goal.

Just keep that in mind as you go through my content and as you make your content as well. 

It's okay to make these mistakes, it's all part of the process.