The fine art of listening to yourself

Listen to yourself

The biggest problem I have in my life is not my art, my process, or whether or not I will ever find an audience for my work.

The biggest problem I have in my life is shedding my past self and listening to my new self.

When you listen to who you are to become and not who you are it causes upheaval. Not just in your soul, but in your life overall.

You start to look around and things don't look the same because they're not the same anymore.

Society is designed to keep you in your present compliant state.

If you step outside of this compliant state, your "friends" and family or anyone associated with you will utilize their social training to put you back into your place.

Unless you tell them no.

Someone who really loves and cares about you will leave you alone and accept you in all of your flaws and benefits.

A selfish person will tell you that you are making the wrong decision.

You're not making the wrong decision.

I am here to tell you to listen to yourself by any means necessary and shed the bullshit order and social pressures you are being subjected to regardless of their origin.