The importance of image


I read a pretty heart wrenching post on Quora about a user that created a fake profile posing as a good looking female to see how people would respond to the exact same questions and responses he had as a normal male.

To no surprise, everyone gave an exponential amount of praise to this fake female.

Same response, same person, different image.

This shows you the reality of human nature. I hate to say it, but that’s never going to change.

Men, mostly from the low value or no value male segment of the population, will always give undue praise to good looking women.

Women will always give undue praise to men with resources or an image that projects success.

Those two things are immutable laws.

You need to understand this when you are trying to market your product. The Fake Gurus understand this very well. This is why they have so much imagery of beautiful women and exotic cars in their videos when they are selling you their tickets to go see Sasquatch.

Hopefully you use these principals for positive pursuits and not for something sinister like the Fake Gurus.

Whatever the case, you know how the game works, so get after it.