Embracing How Much You Don't Know

I feel small today. I think it's because I had to perform yesterday, drove, and drank a 6 pack when I got home. The good news is I got my camper back from the shop, so I'm excited about that.

In waking up today I was thinking, what do I write?

Various people I know have listened to my podcast or discovered it. Of course opinions fly when anyone from your past wants to stay exactly the same. You're not supposed to though because evolution is about breaking the shell.

In the short term, breaking the shell causes pain and discomfort, but you don't really have a choice but to endure it and keep moving forward.

I mean that's the problem with opinions. While it's okay to embrace what you do not know, other people's opinions and feedback can be debilitating. Nearly all of them are. I even heard a Fake Guru say that in an interview. That's about the only thing I agreed with that he said. But cheers to him for saying it because it's true. He said something to the effect of "Most people don't know what they are talking about anyways." I agree. Me included!

At the end of the day we all just want to live productive and peaceful lives. Well, maybe not all of us, but I do. But there will always be that nagging itch that persists if we don't scratch it. That nagging itch is our purpose.

From time to time we have to embrace what we don't know to continue delivering on that mission and purpose and improve as we go.

I know I use profanity. I know my words can be harsh sometimes. This is all part of me breaking the shell and evolving to where the rock will ultimately rest.

But I embrace it. I know I don't know shit. But at least I'm out there doing it. I'm going through the process that so many people don't even attempt.

You should attempt it too. Just understand it is a process and you will eventually get where you're trying to go when you embrace how much you do not know.