How to get started podcasting

Me setting up my podcast

My friend messaged me and asked how he could get setup to podcast. 

I always go to the extreme in just about everything that I do but for those who are just trying to get their plane off the ground here are some things I recommend if you want to start podcasting. I am going to make this specific to how I podcast. 

  1. Get your equipment setup - Determine how many people are going to podcast. Is it just you or is it you and a few friends. This all is going to determine how much equipment you need to purchase. 
  2. Find your location - You need to find a quiet place, preferably with carpet or something that is going to muffle the sound. Because at the time of this posting my camper is in the shop (again), I have been podcasting in my office, which is not the ideal location because it has wood floors that echo. Wherever you decide to podcast, try to setup a consistent environment so you can develop a routine. 
  3. Determine your goal - You need to know what you're trying to do. I always recommend making the best possible attempt at your product in the event that it does become valuable. That being said, let's say your goal is to produce a weekly podcast for the street racing community. Then that means you need to set aside time every week to record this said podcast, edit it (if you're using video) and post it on your website, social media, etc. 
  4. Stay true to the process - You have your equipment, your location, and you know you want to record every week. The next step is staying true to that process. Every week at whatever time you determine, you need to be there ready to do your thing. Don't skip a week and don't be lazy. Commit to the process like I talk about in the 14 things a real artist does podcast. The process is the most important part. Also, definitely listen to that podcast if you're looking to be more serious whether now or later. There is a lot of great information in there.

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