Art does you, product does what others want you to do

Drone Selfie

I discussed this in the 14 things a Real Artist Does podcast. 

But, in reading a book recently it makes me cringe how much what I'm being told goes against what I want to do. 

I only read books to gather knowledge or perspective that I may or may not have. Most of it is valid, but at times rules have to be broken to establish your own order

Basically, I was reading this book on content creation, and it goes right back to the same old shit about searching for all the content people want and then creating content for that with your own spin on it. 

Fuck that. I don't want to do that. I don't want to search out keywords about how to basketweave in an effort to appeal to that audience. 

I feel like this is where we get in trouble as artists. We focus too heavily on appealing to a specific segment of the population in order to be accepted. I mean, I understand it because I am a salesperson at heart, but at this present moment I am only selling one product and that is what you see here on my site. My beliefs, my values, my entertainment. That's what my brand is. While I may read and implement some of these tactics, overall I reject them because writing or creating to appease is creating product, not making art. Art does you, product does what other people want you to do. So bam!