Selling to the wrong audience


The first thing you need to understand about your life is that not everyone is going to approve of it. Not just that, not everyone is going to buy what you're selling or believe the same thing as you.

This is a fundamental human truth that will never change

But people continue to seek the approval of others, sometimes even harder when they are rejected, instead of finding the individuals that will respond to their message

I talked about this in so many podcasts. For example, the Prosector I went on a date with that ghosted me because her internal dialog conflicted with the reality of the situation.

I was selling my product to the wrong audience. I mean, it wasn't a total loss because I got a good story out of it that will make her look like a complete fool the rest of her life if she ever hears this. But that's for another post, how to use your artistry to channel emotions and turn situations on their head. 

The point is that this gal was prosecuting a rapist at the time and when she came to meet me for the date (after showing up 30 minutes late) she was in the proverbial candy store looking for rat poison and scouring the shelves until she found it at the base of the display stand. Then she picks up the rat poison, eats it and exclaims to me the salesman "Why doesn't this taste like candy?" 

I then exclaim that it is not candy madam, it is rat poison, it says RAT POISON on the label. I actually wasn't selling that, I was selling candy...and I didn't tell you to pick that up to eat it, nor was it labeled as candy. You are just a fool for eating that and I have no fucking idea why you just did that. But you did and now you're probably going to die because of it, so you might want to go get that taken care of. 

She got what she was looking for, but that's not what I was selling

This is why so much shit goes wrong in business. We are selling to the wrong audience. Headbangers don't want to see a rapper at a Heavy Metal Tour. While there might be some crossover there, overall, the rapper's time would be better spent touring with other rappers who's audiences understand their music.

If you come up to me at the gas station with your country music cd, I might buy it because I respect your hustle, but I can't say that I will become a fan of your music because I was not looking for that. 

On a side note as it relates to the whole boy-girl thing, men are especially guilty of selling their product to the wrong audience. They mistake signals from women as interest and then start selling their "product" or dickvertistments to them unsolicited. Women become turned off or reject them because they were not looking for that product. These dudes persist instead of moving on to the next prospect. 

Don't fucking waste your time selling to the wrong audience. 

They can always buy from you later, after you build your brand, but right now you need to find the right audience and start selling to them. 

You see what I'm saying? 

Now get out there and find your audience or better yet, attract them to you.