The Master, the Artist and the Master Artist

When writing the post about the 10 things a real artist does, I realized that there can be differences between an artist and a master at a craft. While an artist can be a master, being a master at a craft does not always make one an artist. 

For example:

  • You can master the guitar and never write your own composition
  • You can create your own composition and it never be good enough to be considered masterful
  • You can create your own composition and also master your instrument or medium and you can be a masterful artist. You see the difference?

Becoming a masterful artist is a result of commitment to the artistic process combined with deliberate practice. So if you are writing a song, you may revise, edit, rewrite and swap our guitar parts that may need to be rehearsed in order to achieve a masterful composition. 

A masterful guitarist, for which there are many, just master the art of others without putting their own touches or modifications on it that make it their own. 

To be a true masterful artist you must do just that. Create your art based on the process you deliveratly practiced that may be based on methods and influences of other masters.