So I deleted my personal Facebook

Photo I took somewhere near Pecos, Texas

Photo I took somewhere near Pecos, Texas

As y’all know, I don’t use social media for anything other than a business purpose. I did maintain a personal page to manage my different business affairs though.

Because I had that presence, I was still being subjected to drive by distractions, so I decided I would delete it.

I’m now three days Social Media Sober and I am happy to report, it feels great.

I see a grand total of zero bullshit I don’t want to see from people that I do not care about or that do not care about me.

As I have mentioned many times before, you really don’t need to be on social media. The evidence out there for not being on it is overwhelming. The question is why are people still doing it? They’re doing it because they have a void which has now facilitated an addiction. What you need to do is fill the void with a productive activity such as creating your own platform. I wrote about this in my book Social Media Rehab.

Anyways, just wanted to provide a little update.

Thanks for listening.