Are you being too negative?

The Flame Mirror (A piece of Art I made)

Before I wrote this, I was cycling through my mind thinking, am I being too negative?

Creating art helps us vent what we don’t like about our situation or the world. If I constantly return to these things because my situation has not changed or because others won’t change and it’s starting to effect me, should I just leave it alone because it makes me feel bad?

People will always tell you to move on, but the problem is whatever situation you have encountered before you will meet again if you don’t face it. Problems don’t go away if you push them away. All they do is resurface later and sometimes with more intensity.

This is one of the main reasons I create. I have a fundamental human need to create and to address reality.

I had a great question come in from a fan that asked, “Why did this girl ghost me after two months? We were sleeping together every weekend and now nothing?”. This person was clearly devastated by the antisocial behavior displayed by this woman that supported her fantasy. She was basically stringing this person along and only popping up when it was convenient for her.

Then in a follow-up question, this same person now wants to give my fan a “gift” and that she hopes he won’t be mad. So would I be negative in saying that she is manipulating him to suit her narrative or would I be expressing the reality of the situation to him so he can make up his mind on what to do?

Almost at exactly the same time as I am addressing this situation for him, an ex of mine is posting a What’s app story of her and her new boyfriend all over her. Of course I have to laugh because it’s really no different than this guy’s situation overall, only it’s a different one.

She is putting someone into her narrative to serve her narrative.

Women should compliment your life, not be the focus of it. When you don’t recognize this, this is when you get in a situation where dudes become victims of a females flawed logic and instagram fantasy.

The point of this post is that this is the REALITY of the situation. It’s not being negative if I tell you that’s why people or a specific person is doing whatever it is that they are doing. That’s just the reality.

Just a little food for thought.