Blanket classification is when you make a general or all encompassing statement about another individual in an attempt to bring power to yourself. This is a form of slave master syndrome. For example, you might call all of your workers idiots or say that somebody is a certain type of way, when they are not and you know very little about how they actually are. This is a tactic people with slave master syndrome use in an attempt to bring credibility to themselves at the expense of others. It is an effective tactic that can be implemented among unconscious people because they are not going to question its validity. They are going to believe the individual with slave master syndrome because he communicates the blanket statement with authority. But them communicating it with authority does not make it true, it is a form of deception they will use because they have slave master syndrome and have skipped a step in the ladder of success to get where they are and therefore they are disconnected with reality. But their fantasy in implementing this tactic becomes reality when it goes unchallenged.