Here you are! Watch away. There is like 4 hours of content here, so take your time.

I am creating a course that will be the next step for you to figure out how to take your career to the next level.

Save your username and password. The content of this site is not meant for the general public, so you are getting exclusive access to stuff. I made it so the videos couldn't be shared, but you can definitely let your friends know about them and they can sign up as well.

To be honest, I spent a lot of time acquiring the knowledge I have. I am giving you freebees now, but later it's going to cost money. Probably not a ton, but enough to make it worth my while and your while. You need to invest in your education, the right education if you are going to get better and fulfill your dreams.

I do it all the time. As a matter of fact, I spend about $50 a week on books from Amazon. By the end of the year, I will probably give them a hell of a lot more than you will ever give me and what I'm giving you is going to get you to your destination way faster than you trying to learn all of this stuff on your own.

Even though I am a teacher of my experience, I am always gaining more. That's what mastery is about. Staying one step ahead of everybody and everything else and creating the future.

Creating value is what we are supposed to do as artists. Though not everything I create everyone will find valuable, it will be valuable to somebody and to all of those who are really dedicated to being on the cutting edge, improving their standing in the industry and in life, what I say to you will be be priceless.

It's my goal to create things you will find valuable. If I didn't, you won't come back. I want you to come back because you can learn alot from me. You can ask me questions. Or maybe you have an answer to a question another student has. We can both give our own unique input on things. This is what advances everyone forward. But at this present moment, you are here because you need to learn from a master, so allow me to allow you to be the apprentice.

I want you to ask questions of me.  If you have some now or after you watch any content, ask them below.

Oh yeah, lastly, some of the content uses strong language. I just wanted to forewarn you in case you need to put your headphones on so your mom or significant other doesn't hear me blurt out the F-bomb.

That being said, class is now in session:

What questions do you have about your artistic career?