My Thoughts on the RV business

What I have figured out is that the camper market is primarily not in the business of making campers. They are in the business of creating fantasy i.e. showbusiness. Because I am an artist, I understand this business very well. What they do is sell you the idea of freedom, knowing that the likelihood that you will put their product through any sort of tulmultous circumstance is slim. They are smart though. Campers are the only rolling vehicle not subject to lemon law. This means they can produce a shit product, lock you in in long wait times for warranty repairs and then throw you back into the ocean once that period has ended, which will come really quickly.  This doesn’t mean all campers are made like shit. This means that they give you a framework. After that, it’s your job to understand how this rolling rental property works. Hopefully I can provide some pointers that will help you with that.