On the Snapchat IPO

I actually wrote this in March 2017, but it's funny because now the company's stock has tanked as predicted.


The startup business model is primarily a ploy to get bought.

Very few of these businesses ever turn a profit.
I mean, how cool is that? 

You get these people they call “investors” to give you millions of dollars (mostly that don’t belong to them anyways) in the HOPE that their company might make money ONE DAY. Lmao. 

If only we all had that luxury.

I mean how does a company with no profit - ever - go public with a $372 million dollar loss?

Think about that. 

I mean, walk into any bank and ask them for a loan for $1,000, never pay it back, never pay the interest, and then go try to get another loan from ANYWHERE.

They’re going to say “NO, fuck off!

Why don’t we say that to these stupid companies that don’t sell real products or services?

Weed gets you high. Alcohol gets you drunk. Snapchat and Facebook make you hate your friends and family and inspires people to burn down college campuses. 

How has the world become a better place because of these companies? 

It hasn’t.

It’s just different now.

I'm with Mark Cuban. He said something to the effect of, find a paying customer first, then you have a business. 

Would you pay for Facebook or snapchat?

I rest my case.