A little on Gun Control

I’m always impressed with the volume of well educated individuals who are anti-gun.

I just wonder what part of the history book they didn’t read that makes them think that a ban or restriction on private ownership of firearms makes them safer.

It doesn’t. Not one statistic supports this.

Countries that allow their law abiding citizens to own firearms of any type have lower violent crime rates. Period.

In addition, every oppressive government in the history of humanity has disarmed their population prior to enacting Draconian policies to further restrict their freedom and movement and keep them “safe” from the boogie man. Nazi Germany being one of them.

In addition, there are 79 countries with a higher per capita violent crime rate than the United States.

Most of these countries do not allow their citizens to own firearms.

Gun restriction is a tactic government uses to control the population, not to keep them safer.

But what about little johnny pulling his daddy’s colt 45 out of the sock drawer and accidentally blowing his head off?

Most gun related incidents in the United States are related to drug trade. So the Johnny’s sock drawer argument is also bullshit.

What about mass shootings?

Same thing. You’re more likely to be killed being struck by lightning twice in the same place on a Tuesday afternoon than die from a mass shooting.

In addition, many of the locations where these shootings have occurred, restricted individuals from possessing firearms to defend themselves. I.E. Virginia Tech and Aurora. I’d like to see someone try to shoot up a theatre in Texas and see how long that lasts.

I certainly understand why people don’t like guns. They’re “Scary” and “Dangerous”, but is it really the guns we fear or do we fear of ourselves being able to control an inanimate object?

There is always collateral damage if you want to be free.