Food For Thought

Just a little food for thought on election day.

I'm in Mexico.

I just paid $7 USD for a meal that would cost me at least $20 USD in Dallas. Apparently, even that is expensive here.

On top of that, I am in a more beautiful place with more beautiful people that feel less entitled.

It's a joke and honestly, the joke is on us back at home in the United States.

All of us stuck in the rat race of thinking we know everything. Learning more shit so we can buy more shit.

Buying more shit so we can pretend to be who we're not and trying to get the wrong people to like us.

Seriously. Fucking stop. Stop the Facebook posts talking about Donald Trump Grabbing Pussy and Hillary Clinton's emails.

Get out and go make a real impact. Do something. Change something on your own. Be the difference and stop expecting someone else is going to do it for you because they are not.

If you can't decide what to do with your time, including posting on social media all day long, someone else - politicians included, will decide how to expatriate your time and it's not going to serve your benefit, it's going to serve theirs.

Regardless of who wins this election, little if anything is going to change.

The last president touted Universal healthcare at low or no cost.

We didn't get that. [My premium went from $175 to $400]

The last president said an end to foreign wars.

We're still fighting and supporting foreign wars in which the most atrocious crimes are being committed in our name. Soldiers continue to die, families continue to be shattered and we don’t even have enough money to pay to take care of them.

Then we wonder why they snap and kill police officers for no apparent reason.

Most of all, the media is now trying to balkanize the United States in an effort to pit everyone against one another so they can further oppress and enact legislation that serves their benefit.

I.e. raising taxes to pay for all of our entanglements and entitlements and then restricting gun ownership to stifle descent when normal people decide they too are fed up and are ready to go postal.

All of this being said, I hope you know that your vote does not mean shit.

The only thing that matters is how you treat your fellow man and what you do to be the change you want to see in the world.

Thanks for reading.

~Michael Manicotti


This post will now self destruct.