The cost of free

At least once a week someone asks me to perform for free. Some people even go as far as to say that I should because “I am an established artist that should give back”. Then there is the staple “if you perform you will get exposure”.

I don’t need exposure to people that don’t value my work.

The only reason I am established is because I don’t do things for free.

Teachers don’t work for free.

Janitors don’t work for free.

Doctors and Lawyers don’t work for free.

So why is being a musician, which is a job, any different from any other job? Because it’s something “we want to do” or are “passionate about”?

It doesn’t matter what job you do, you won’t be passionate about it if you never get paid.

When I was a promoter, I always paid artists. I never asked them to perform for free or reduce their fee. Even when they were performing at a fundraiser, they got paid.

This culture of “free everything” is bullshit and as far as I’m concerned there needs to be a mutiny among artists, especially the good ones, to stop performing and releasing their work for free.

No more filling clubs, so the promoter can hand you $100 and say thanks.

No more Napster and $.000005 cent spotify streams, Pandora, youtube and all this bullshit that’s making everyone else money but the creators.

If you respect an artist, pay for their work. Don’t be a cheap ass. If I hear you’re not paying for their work and listening to it, I’m going to kick your ass.

Point blank, bottom line.

Over and out.


My Thoughts on the RV business

What I have figured out is that the camper market is primarily not in the business of making campers. They are in the business of creating fantasy i.e. showbusiness. Because I am an artist, I understand this business very well. What they do is sell you the idea of freedom, knowing that the likelihood that you will put their product through any sort of tulmultous circumstance is slim. They are smart though. Campers are the only rolling vehicle not subject to lemon law. This means they can produce a shit product, lock you in in long wait times for warranty repairs and then throw you back into the ocean once that period has ended, which will come really quickly.  This doesn’t mean all campers are made like shit. This means that they give you a framework. After that, it’s your job to understand how this rolling rental property works. Hopefully I can provide some pointers that will help you with that.

My Thoughts on Expatriation

My reason for leaving is simple. I'm not happy. Nothing about this city makes me happy except for the fact that I have the means to leave it.

To elaborate, I'm tired of the rat race. The fake news, the entitlement culture and the general lack of concern Big City Americans have for their fellow man.

People always say everything is about perspective. I agree. That is my perspective and it changes when I leave that environment.

I mean, if you have the ability to go anywhere in the world, why would you stay in Dallas? What exactly does this city have to offer that could possibly compete with a Mexican beach town?

The answer is: Nothing. Everyone works their whole life in hopes that they can one day retire on a powder sand beach.

Fortunately I made enough good decisions to where I have the freedom to do just that.

The RV Lifestyle

When you own an RV, you are committing to a lifestyle.

It’s not easier, cheaper or necessarily more appealing, it’s just different.

It is truly the last frontier of being on your own. Not only are you a nomad, but you become a master of your own survival. Nobody is responsible for your well being but you. If you need water, you can’t call the city, you have to find a source. If you need to use the bathroom you have to decide how long you can go before your tanks are full and where you can dispose of the waste properly. If you are hungry, you have to know what type of food you can carry and if you will even want to expend the resources to cool it. It is the best way to train you on what is truly important in your life and on what you do or do not need in it. That will help you in every area of your life. 

On the Snapchat IPO

I actually wrote this in March 2017, but it's funny because now the company's stock has tanked as predicted.


The startup business model is primarily a ploy to get bought.

Very few of these businesses ever turn a profit.
I mean, how cool is that? 

You get these people they call “investors” to give you millions of dollars (mostly that don’t belong to them anyways) in the HOPE that their company might make money ONE DAY. Lmao. 

If only we all had that luxury.

I mean how does a company with no profit - ever - go public with a $372 million dollar loss?

Think about that. 

I mean, walk into any bank and ask them for a loan for $1,000, never pay it back, never pay the interest, and then go try to get another loan from ANYWHERE.

They’re going to say “NO, fuck off!

Why don’t we say that to these stupid companies that don’t sell real products or services?

Weed gets you high. Alcohol gets you drunk. Snapchat and Facebook make you hate your friends and family and inspires people to burn down college campuses. 

How has the world become a better place because of these companies? 

It hasn’t.

It’s just different now.

I'm with Mark Cuban. He said something to the effect of, find a paying customer first, then you have a business. 

Would you pay for Facebook or snapchat?

I rest my case. 


A little on Gun Control

I’m always impressed with the volume of well educated individuals who are anti-gun.

I just wonder what part of the history book they didn’t read that makes them think that a ban or restriction on private ownership of firearms makes them safer.

It doesn’t. Not one statistic supports this.

Countries that allow their law abiding citizens to own firearms of any type have lower violent crime rates. Period.

In addition, every oppressive government in the history of humanity has disarmed their population prior to enacting Draconian policies to further restrict their freedom and movement and keep them “safe” from the boogie man. Nazi Germany being one of them.

In addition, there are 79 countries with a higher per capita violent crime rate than the United States.

Most of these countries do not allow their citizens to own firearms.

Gun restriction is a tactic government uses to control the population, not to keep them safer.

But what about little johnny pulling his daddy’s colt 45 out of the sock drawer and accidentally blowing his head off?

Most gun related incidents in the United States are related to drug trade. So the Johnny’s sock drawer argument is also bullshit.

What about mass shootings?

Same thing. You’re more likely to be killed being struck by lightning twice in the same place on a Tuesday afternoon than die from a mass shooting.

In addition, many of the locations where these shootings have occurred, restricted individuals from possessing firearms to defend themselves. I.E. Virginia Tech and Aurora. I’d like to see someone try to shoot up a theatre in Texas and see how long that lasts.

I certainly understand why people don’t like guns. They’re “Scary” and “Dangerous”, but is it really the guns we fear or do we fear of ourselves being able to control an inanimate object?

There is always collateral damage if you want to be free.

Why Donald Trump Won

You are going to meet a grand total of zero foreigners that wanted Trump to win.

The news headline in Mexico read

“Trump wins on hate and racism”

In the United States a tabloid like headline of that nature would not be taken seriously, but that’s besides the point.

I have to say though that I am genuinely shocked that Hillary did not win. Not because I am a supporter but because she had such massive financial and establishment backing it was almost inconceivable that she wouldn’t.

Not unlike a pop star with mediocre music being kingmade quickly and easily because of massive corporate and label backing.

Any mediocre product can be fanaticized, Rockstared and sold to you with enough money. Enter the ficus tree.

Only Hillary’s problem is she has no identity and she’s not real. She will kiss your ass, but you can just see it in her eyes that she knows whatever the fuck she tells you is never going to happen.

It’s like she’s some sorcerer that only comes out during a full moon to address the scribes before she retreats to her cobblestone hermit spire to cook up some bullshit potion.

Trump on the other hand grabs pussy and that’s just fucking funny.

He gives zero fucks and doesn’t need for you to approve. People resonate with his authenticity and that’s why he won.

Enough people approve of this mentality that he got elected... and that my friends is where the money is made. In the niche.

Being America’s asshole. That’s his niche.

I mean, we’re already a country full of assholes, I can’t imagine why we wouldn’t want to have the biggest one running our country.

I resonate with that.

It can be hard though, because everyone insists that you must pick a side, and I do pick a side. I didn’t vote because I went on vacation and honestly that was more fucking important, but had I voted, I would have voted for Trump. Not that it really matters in Texas, where the Republican candidate always wins. I would have voted for him strictly for the entertainment value of it. Hillary is providing no value to me. At least I can laugh when Trump says funny shit.

That makes me feel good.

When I feel good I feel more motivated to contribute to society and create taxable income that I can then use to buy superior alcohol, women and pharmaceutical grade drugs for cheaper in Mexico.

So those of you who have an opinion, those of you who are still upset:

Ask yourself:

Does the election really even matter when Kylie Jenner has 78 million instagram followers?

Probably not.

Enter the ficus tree.

Food For Thought

Just a little food for thought on election day.

I'm in Mexico.

I just paid $7 USD for a meal that would cost me at least $20 USD in Dallas. Apparently, even that is expensive here.

On top of that, I am in a more beautiful place with more beautiful people that feel less entitled.

It's a joke and honestly, the joke is on us back at home in the United States.

All of us stuck in the rat race of thinking we know everything. Learning more shit so we can buy more shit.

Buying more shit so we can pretend to be who we're not and trying to get the wrong people to like us.

Seriously. Fucking stop. Stop the Facebook posts talking about Donald Trump Grabbing Pussy and Hillary Clinton's emails.

Get out and go make a real impact. Do something. Change something on your own. Be the difference and stop expecting someone else is going to do it for you because they are not.

If you can't decide what to do with your time, including posting on social media all day long, someone else - politicians included, will decide how to expatriate your time and it's not going to serve your benefit, it's going to serve theirs.

Regardless of who wins this election, little if anything is going to change.

The last president touted Universal healthcare at low or no cost.

We didn't get that. [My premium went from $175 to $400]

The last president said an end to foreign wars.

We're still fighting and supporting foreign wars in which the most atrocious crimes are being committed in our name. Soldiers continue to die, families continue to be shattered and we don’t even have enough money to pay to take care of them.

Then we wonder why they snap and kill police officers for no apparent reason.

Most of all, the media is now trying to balkanize the United States in an effort to pit everyone against one another so they can further oppress and enact legislation that serves their benefit.

I.e. raising taxes to pay for all of our entanglements and entitlements and then restricting gun ownership to stifle descent when normal people decide they too are fed up and are ready to go postal.

All of this being said, I hope you know that your vote does not mean shit.

The only thing that matters is how you treat your fellow man and what you do to be the change you want to see in the world.

Thanks for reading.

~Michael Manicotti


This post will now self destruct.